David Johnson
Nov 2005
(Entrepreneur and executive coach)
David Johnson
the most successfull business owners
Mark Illman

Mark Illman
Charlie Hoult
"A key component of business success is self-awareness. This tool will take entrepreneurs along the path in strides."

Charlie Hoult
Group Chief Executive, Loewy Group
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  • Do you play a key role in an established business?
  • Do you want to maximise the value you bring to the business?
  • Do you want to understand how you personally can become more entrepreneurial and make your business more competitive and profitable?
  • Would you like to receive a personalised coaching report to guide you, and your team, through the process of change and innovation?
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The report will highlight your entrepreneurial strengths, telling you what you personally need to know and coach you to achieve your business and personal ambitions.
How can we help?
Business success demands effective entrepreneurial behaviour and innovation. We need to develop new products and new services and push into new markets whilst protecting core business. The competitiveness and profitability of a business depends upon the people and your Personalised 21st Century Entrepreneurs Coaching Reports provide answers and insights that can increase profits, increase individual and team effectiveness and channel energies to support the survival and growth of the firm.  We are all faced with a number of key personal challenges. We can tell you what those challenges are, help you to maximise the value you add to the business and show you the value of powerful team work and what you need to do to make entrepreneurship and innovation happen!

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