Most successful business owners assess and challenge themselves. They don't let pride get in the way of building a brilliant business.
Established business, frequently asked questions
Established business, frequently asked questions
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the site which will explain most elements of the site fully. If your query is not answered here though, just contact us with your question and we will get back to you.

1. Am I an established business?
Established business have more formal organisation and systems than a start-up business. They have probably been in existence for a few years and are 'chugging' along neither growing or developing.
They have an established  product and service offering but unless they move forward, this is liable to be threatened and lose its competitive advantage.  The staff view work as a job rather than a passion and the leaders are often frustrated at the lack of action.
Businesses, such as these, feel stuck and need to revitalise.

2. How can the owner of a business be the problem?
The founder of the business has a massive impact upon the creation and growth of a business. Your personality, attitudes and preferred ways of behaving will have a powerful influence upon the performance of your business. Most entrepreneurs learn through experience (often painful and expensive) that they are good at some things and not good at others. Most of the evidence suggests that the lead entrepreneur is one of the most common causes of business failure - usually because their preferred style of working is not right for an established business.

3. How will personal development benefit my business?
If you don't grow, your business can't grow!

4. What is corporate entrepreneurship?
As business become established and grow they can lose their entrepreneurial spirit - making innovation and change difficult and restricting the ability of the business to adapt to market changes. Corporate entrepreneurship describes the process of creating new products and services, targeting new markets with non-core products and even considering changes to business models including the creation of new and potentially separate ventures through which to take products to market.

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