David Johnson
Nov 2005
(Entrepreneur and executive coach)
Entrepreneur and Executive Coach - David Johnson
Successful business owners
"I think it's brilliant. Easy to use, complete and true."

Geoff Ram, Mercury Marketing
Charlie Hoult
"A key component of business success is self-awareness. This tool will take entrepreneurs along the path in strides."

Charlie Hoult
Group Chief Executive, Loewy Group
Mark Illman

Mark Illman
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  • What type of people create and build successful businesses?
  • Do you know how to build a successful business?
  • What type of entrepreneur are you?
  • Are you faced with personal and business challenges?
  • Would you like a personal coaching report to guide you and your business?

The report will highlight your entrepreneurial strengths, telling you what you personally need to know and coach you to achieve your entrepreneurial and personal ambitions.
How can we help?
Creating a business can be exciting and challenging!

Entrepreneurs and other business owners, in the early phases of creating a business, are faced with a number of key challenges.  One of the toughest challenges is running the business on your own.  You have to make the decisions, sort problems out and do everything! We can tell you what the major challenges are, how you will contribute to creating them (yes, how you will contribute to creating them and maybe even making them worse) and what you need to do to avoid and overcome them!

Accept cards for business success
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