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Validation of 21st Century Entrepreneurs
Validation of 21st Century Entrepreneurs

The 21st Century Entrepreneurs assessment and development system is grounded in years of experience, research and learning. Prof David Johnson, Venture to Think Ltd, founder of 21st Century Entepreneurs has created and grown successful businesses, has researched entrepreneurship and business development at the highest level and has taught and coached entrepreneurs for many years. 

The specific research that underpins 21st Century Entrepreneurs began in the early 1990's. Prof David Johnson created a model of successful entrepreneurial behaviour that has been researched, developed and tested in numerous populations including start-up business owners, established business owners, growth oriented business owners, franchisees, chief executives and senior managers in larger organisations seeking to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the corporate level. 

The psychometric properties of the 21st Century Entrepreneur profiling tools have been tested and re-tested for a number of years.  The question set is valid and, most importantly, high utility - it is useful.

An innovative, on-line coaching system which puts the individual at the centre of the business development process.  It educates the entrepreneur to be more aware of the various elements of starting a business by taking them through a series of critical questions and providing personal feedback and coaching of relevance and immediate value.

The benefit of this process is that the business/business owner has a much firmer foundation to succeed and promotes a real chance for sustainability because of the sound advice they receive.

It gives the providers and those charged with fostering enterprise, an enterprise tool which can be integrated into almost any enterprise intervention.   21st Century Entrpreneurs can be tailored and branded according to your organisations' needs and can be licenced for usage by multiple users.

21st Century Entrepreneurs can: 

      Benchmark attitudes toward enterprise;

      Provide a snapshot of encouragers and barriers to enterprise;

      Give immediate, personalised enterprise and business coaching;

      Be easily accessed by the individual/large numbers regardless of location or               marginalisation;

       Be value adding and;

       Has a low cost per-user ratio.

Research shows that it is soft skills such as temperament, attitudes and emotional maturity versus hard skills such as educational or technical ability, that lead to success.  21st Century Entrepreneurs helps the entrepreneur to identify their soft skills and grow, thus growing the business.



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